February 2013

John and Christine – Parents Golden Wedding 22nd Feb


Stephan entertained my parents’ and Golden wedding guests so well that we invited him to provide the music for my son’s 21st.

Stephan created a wonderful atmosphere at both events, and thoughtfully  selected appropriate music for these events that both different and right for the individual occasion.

We have no qualms in recommending Stephan for your event.

Enjoy the evening!

Kate – friends 50th 17th February


Stephan DJ’d for our friends birthday.

We new there’d be a mix age group but really didn’t want the cheesy pop tunes you usually get at party. Stephen was really helpful, he researched different styles and beats and mixed the tracks superbly.

We didn’t expect people to dance until later but people were up dancing all night due to the quality of his choice in tracks. His enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication to music and DJ’ing are commendable, you can put all your trust in him and he delivers 110%!

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